Luxury Yacht Charter

We pride ourselves in offering exceptional service to clients. We believe we offer some of the best crewed yacht charter holidays available in the Mediterranean and Caribbean. Luxury yachting experiences, at affordable prices.

We believe there is no better way to explore the stunning corners of the world than on a luxury crewed yacht charter holiday. Relaxation, adventure, or whatever you seek, we will select the perfect yacht in the most idyllic location to make for your dream holiday. We strive to provide exceptional service, with close focus on our clients’ requirements for the best possible charter experience.

Our Yachts

Our yachts are those which we directly represent for charter. We manage their calendars and work directly with the owners to provide the perfect charter experience for all parties involved - the clients, crews and owners. We believe our yachts provide a great range of luxury crewed charter opportunities based in the Mediterranean and Caribbean, whilst offering a variation of experiences to suit different budgets. However, if this selection does not provide exactly what you are looking for, our collection of recommended yachts will certainly have something for everyone…

Recommended Yachts

With a huge choice of yachts, destinations, itineraries, food and crew, every charter is unique to each group of charter guests. diYachting offer yachts which they have personally visited, dined aboard and met with the crews, which means their clients can be sure to receive recommendations which come from first-hand experiences.
The Recommended Yachts are all yachts that we have had guests book previously and the reviews have been fantastic and ones that we have visited at a charter show and come highly recommended.

All Yachts

What’s more, you can visit all yachts for a true plethora of luxury charter yachts. Any location, any budget, any criteria - this huge selection will have something for everyone. Filter the list down to your criteria and search through reams of beautiful yachts based all over the world.

The Caribbean and Mediterranean Seas make for fantastic sailing but it is the individually designed itineraries which truly make the trip unique. Island hopping is an exciting and unique experience and can incorporate as much or as little activity as the guests desire; catering for the adventure-seekers, the sun-lovers, the relaxation-cravers, the culture-hunters and the foodies, ensuring everyone onboard will enjoy their dream yacht charter holiday.