The Med’s best kept secret, even in August you can find yourself in a quiet bay, surrounding by rock formations or beautiful sandy beaches. Bonifacio is always a highlight as you navigate your way into the gap in the cliffs to find yourself in a natural port, there is a beautiful old town at the top which is well worth the walk up. As you move away from Bonifacio and head west, the beaches get quieter, carry on up the west coast to discover wonderful places like Campomorro, Cargese and Girolata. Take in the stunning red cliffs in the National Park and continue on up to Calvi, with its beautiful citadel that greets you as you head round to the town. It’s a magical part of the Western Med, with turquoise waters that you can not believe are real and that no one told you about sooner.

Please enquire if you’re looking for something different, these are just a handful of yachts available in this location.