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Brunch on Super Yacht Laurel

LAUREL When I received my invite for breakfast on Laurel it wasn’t something I had to consider for very long but in fact they had such an overwhelming response they decided to hold two! I also managed to get Matt an invite too as I knew this was something he wouldn’t want to miss.  Walking

Sailing towards Brexit

With the UK set to leave the EU on the 29th March, much uncertainty surrounds the outcome and whether or not we will leave with a deal. We understand that many are concerned about Brexit and how it may affect upcoming and potential future holidays, and we wish to somewhat reassure our clients about the

Crew Recruitment

Crew Recruitment Whether you need a temporary delivery captain or a capable crew to handle a busy charter season, we can help you find the very best candidates for your yacht.  We know how much your yacht means to you and how important it is to find the right crew to take care of this

Che | Sunreef 112

Che | Sunreef Catamaran Che was shown at the Barcelona Show in the Spring and although spotting her from across the marina, I didn’t get a chance to get onboard so I was excited to see she was also on show in Antigua and wasn’t going to miss her again. Che was bought over a

La Pace

I could see La Pace from our hotel room so it would have been rude not to have visited her.  She also took first place in her size category for the Designer Water Competition at the Show they served it in a hollowed out soursop fruit making it more like an exotic cocktail rather than
Mayrilou & Christina Too Sunreef 68 motor catamarans Having visited both these on different days as I was worried I might confuse the two! However, I was surprised how different they were and not just in the hull colour. These two yachts are both apartments on the water. Standing in the dock you cannot miss
Spending Winter 2018/19 in the Caribbean and then in 2019/20/21 heading through to the Pacific finishing in New Zealand for the America’s Cup, she’s available for charter all along the way. I already have a tandem charter booked with Orion in January so it was very exciting to get onboard and meet the crew, a multi

Yacht Purchase

Yacht Purchase Buying your dream yacht can be a daunting task. As a buyer you are traditionally alone in the process, the brokers all work for the seller so you are at an immediate disadvantage, you versus a seasoned professional. diYachting offer a Buyers Agent service, giving you your very own seasoned professional, to guide

Yacht Management in Focus

This series provides an insight into yacht management, the requirements of looking after a yacht and how diYachting ensures a comfortable, stress free ride along the way. diYachting provide a wide array of services, including yacht purchases and registrations, MCA coding, MLC compliance, project and shoreside management, charter management and crew services. Our dedicated Technical


Winter is a key time of year for your yacht. It’s not all about summer sunshine and warm calm seas, she must survive very low temperatures, high winds and heavy swells surging through the marina. Proper preparation for this time of year is essential to maintain your asset to the highest standard and prevent permanent