If you are the owner of a yacht in the over 60ft size bracket, you will know how important regular maintenance is to keep your boat running smoothly and minimise the risk of breakdown. These yachts are much more technically complicated than smaller yachts; with a huge array of advanced systems such as air conditioning, water-makers, generators, electric winches, hydraulic packages, sophisticated electrical systems and high pressure water pumps. Add in more fridges and freezers than most homes and you have a project that needs constant attention and service to prevent breakdown. We have experience working with a huge range of manufacturers of kit found on most of the yachts in this size bracket and are an authorised service agent for many yacht builders. Therefore with us, you can be sure that everything is serviced to the manufacturers standards, by one experienced team. Sign up to our standard maintenance package and we will visit the boat regularly throughout the year to take care of all the maintenance and cleaning, wherever the yacht may be. It’s the ultimate alternative to having a full time crew aboard.


Essential to a good maintenance programme is a comprehensive stock of spares. The list of parts on your yacht that need changing and replacing at regular intervals is long and we have access to spares for a huge range of equipment from all types of manufacturers. We can put together a comprehensive spares list for your boat and monitor stock levels, sending top-ups to you when you need it which will ensure that you never get caught without the right part to fix a problem or complete a service.


Winter is a key time of year for your yacht. It’s not all about summer sunshine and warm calm seas, she must survive very low temperatures, high winds and heavy swells surging through the marina. Proper preparation for this time of year is essential to maintain your asset to the highest standard and prevent permanent and sometimes costly damage to the yacht and it’s machinery. The more time and effort we put in now, the smoother (and cheaper) the transition from winterised yacht to operating vessel will be in the spring. Our winter service package includes a full lay up in the autumn, regular maintenance visits throughout the winter and a refit in the spring. We can service all of the machinery, manage the haul out and even take care of your precious teak decks. All this can be happening while you rest up for the winter and enjoy time spent at home or on the slopes, free of worrying whether your yacht will be ready for your first cruising in the new season.

SUMMER service

If you have decided against having crew aboard or are running a really busy season, then it’s highly likely that mid season your yacht is going to need a service and a freshen up to bring her back up to A1 condition for the second half of the season. As part of our Summer Service package, we will visit the yacht, wherever it may be, give her a full deep clean, teak scrub and seal (if you wish) and a full service of the engine, generator and water-maker. We will also take care of any other maintenance you may have on your list and at the end of the week your yacht will be as good as she was when we launched her after the winter!


The final element of a complete winter service is to get the boat lifted out, cleaned off and re-antifouled. It’s a risky business trusting your pride and joy to a local crane operator, so we can fully cover the management of this for you. With our Haul Out Management package, we will bring the yacht to the boatyard, supervise the lift, commission the work that needs to be completed by the yard and then be on hand to supervise and quality check everything. Once the hull has been prepared, antifouling will be applied and all of the anodes will be changed. We take pictures throughout so that you are aware and fully updated on what’s been completed and any issues that have been discovered and fixed. Parts and labour will be provided by the shipyard and paid for by you separately, we will make sure that you receive fair quotations and they are stuck to as much as is possible. We will then supervise the re-launch and take the yacht back to her berth ready to continue works.


If you have something bigger in mind than regular maintenance and upgrades then get in touch, we can help. We can take care of refits to any level, carried out anywhere through Europe. From a re-deck to a new engine, or a complete rebuild from the keel up. Every package is bespoke and tailored to achieve your target. We will be on hand to oversee third party works and carry out as many jobs as we can undertake ourselves, which could save you money. We will have a specific plan in place, with hard time targets for all those working aboard and we back this up with regular reports to you plus accompanied visits to the yard to show you the progress to date.


I If you have in mind a plan to update certain items on board then we can not only manage the works but supply and install the equipment also. We are main installing dealers for many brands employing experienced and qualified technicians. Here is a sample of some of the companies we offer a complete range of products from;

    • SAILMON - performance navigation electronics
    • SONOS - wireless music systems
    • Bose speakers
    • Fusion - music systems
    • RedBox - 4G, Wifi and Satellite networks
    • SeaFire - fire suppression systems
    • Quooker - boiling water taps
    • UltraRO - Drinking water filters
    • Crewsaver - Safety equipment
    • Carbonautica - Carbon Steering wheels and Passarelles
    • SeaRecovery - Water Makers (new install, service and upgrade)
    • Echomax - dual band radar repeaters
    • Highfield & AER Tenders - including deck supports installed
    • Navtec, Karver, Harken & Selden - Rigging parts and installations

And many many more, no job is too big or too small, contact us for advice and quotes.