“Every yacht owner and captain can benefit from shoreside management. We firmly believe that owning a yacht should be an enjoyable experience, by removing the headache of managing the yacht we can help maximise your leisure time aboard and leaving you to concentrate on your business and family when at home.” Matt Abbiss, Managing Director

diYachting management packages ensure the yacht is maintained and operated in accordance with the ever evolving legislation relative to your flag state and in compliance with the requirements of the local Port State where the yacht is operating. Our Packages can be tailored exactly to your needs; containing all or some of the following elements;

  • Consultancy
  • Logistical/Operational Management
  • Financial Management
  • Compliance (MCA/MLC)
  • Safety Management System
  • Technical Support
  • Crew Management
  • Charter Management

All elements are available in either a 12 month or 1 month rolling contract.


Our consultancy package is the foundation to all our other management services, It is the first step allowing you to tap into diYachting’s vast wealth of knowledge and experience. Giving you unlimited advice on anything related to your yacht, anytime, you can rest assured that you are making the right decisions for your yacht and your yacht is being operated legally and efficiently at all times.

With over 15 years experience managing yachts over 60ft and with a broad range of industry knowledge, our team of experienced yachting professionals are perfectly placed to advise and assist you.


Todays luxury yachts demand considerable sums of money to keep them running to the highest standards. Our professional financial management will save you time and money with a dedicated person handling all the financials for your yacht and crew. We will put into place and annual budget with a target to maintain your operating expenses within that budget. Utilising our online cloud based accounts package crew can submit expenses via a dedicated app reducing their paperwork burden. We provide a yacht specific multi currency bank account with ring fenced debit cards for each crew member who can view their balances in real time via an app. We pay larger bills direct via wire transfer following strict procedures for checking invoices and recipient bank details always ensuring your money is safe and secure. At the end of each month we provide monthly reports and a single funding request for the following month keeping it as simple as possible for owners and captains alike. Leave us to worry about balancing the accounts while you worry about enjoying your yacht;

  • Full management of your yacht’s finances
  • Yacht specific multi currency bank account
  • Debit cards for captain and crew
  • Payment of invoices
  • Monthly reports and cashflow forecasts
  • Annual budgets
  • Real time access to online accounts portal and app
  • Dedicated expense reporting app for captain and crew
  • No more spreadsheets or paper being sent between crews and owner
  • APA handling via dedicated prepaid debit card


Chartering has been a huge part of our business and life over the past 15 years. We pride ourselves in continuing to offer an exceptional service to our charter yacht owners and clients.

We handle everything to do with the chartering of your yacht from advice on the setup, photo shoot and brochure production, website listing. Our experience means we have a large network of brokers that know and trust us to provide an exceptional charter for their clients, time and time again these brokers are coming back to diYachting to charter a diYachting yacht for their clients.

  • Charter setup
  • Central Agency services
  • Charter Management Agreement
  • Calendar Management
  • MYBA eContract
  • Set up of yacht VAT numbers anywhere in EU
  • Photo Shoot co-ordination
  • Marketing; online brochures and web listings
  • APA handling and accounting


A happy Captain makes a happy yacht. With complex yachts requiring more and more experienced and qualified crew to sail them a considerable amount of time and money will be spent on ensuring you have the right people on board your yacht.
Crew management with diYachting ensures your crew are well trained, have the right certificates and qualifications which are in date at all times. We provide a full briefing to new starters ensuring they know exactly what to expect and how to behave and present themselves so they can hit the ground running when they arrive aboard.

  • Offshore employment company setup
  • Contract advice and management
  • Qualifications managed so revalidation’s never get missed.  
  • Salary advice
  • Payroll management 
  • Payroll funding management 
  • MLC SEA Contracts
  • Complaints & Grievance procedure
  • Designated Person Ashore
  • Travel to the boat managed
  • Orientation & Crew Handbook 
  • Emergency crew replacement and crew incident management
  • Temporary, delivery and stand in crews organised

If its a new crew member you need then our in house recruitment team can find and place the right person,


"The complexities of the MCA Code of Practice and Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) can be daunting for new and even experienced yacht owners. With an in-depth understanding of what is required for your yacht and crew to be fully compliant, we can assist every step of the way”

For commercial yachts registered under the UK & other “red flag” states conformity with the MCA Code of Practice is mandatory. The MCA standard is respected worldwide as the benchmark in safety so is also useful as a voluntary standard for yachts under other flags. We have vast experience with the MCA Code, having prepared and managed many yachts to this standard, with us as your MCA Managing Agent you have responsibly delegated your obligations as owner to competent person relieving you of liability, we will keep up to date with the ever changing MCA code ensuring your yacht is never out of date and out of code;

  • New Coding advice and assistance  
  • Equipment advice, sales and installation
  • Survey preparation 
  • Accompanied and organised survey
  • Managing Agent 
  • Annual Inspections 

MCA Coded yachts operating outside the UK who employ crew to work onboard must also be MLC compliant. The Maritime Labour Convention (MLC) became mandatory for UK flagged commercial vessels on international voyages from 2014 and details a strict set of rules to ensure the welfare and safety of the crew, we are experts In MLC compliance and will be able to quickly and easily advise and prepare your yacht and documentation to ensure complete compliance.


Safety Management Systems are a legal requirement on larger yachts but even the smallest commercial yachts need to be operated safely for the sake of their guests and crew, this includes requirements for safety to be managed systematically based on clear policies and practical procedures.

diYachting’s Safety Management System offers a fully organised solution for the safety of your vessel, it provides the captain, crew and owners instant access to all safety related information and enables real time access to many documents and certificates which are essential to safe and efficient operation of a modern yacht.
Our bespoke safety management systems are specific to the yacht's size and operation and are installed throughout our managed fleet. We work with commercially or privately registered vessels worldwide. In emergency situations diYachting’s DPA or Designated Person Ashore is mobilised ready to respond to any situation from first response to flag state liaison ensuring the safety of the guests and crew and keeping your busy yacht in operation.

  • Initial Safety Survey
  • Fully implemented SMS
  • Captain and Crew Training 
  • Management of monthly reporting targets
  • Provision of DPA 24/7
  • Incident management 
  • Annual Review and inspection


We provide reliable operational shore-side support taking the pressure away from captains and crew; liaising with owner and/or captain, we will make arrangements for anything from marina bookings to insurance and anything else your yacht wants or needs during a busy season. Akin to having a land based Personal Assistant our service is essential for those who want to maximise the efficiency and enjoyment of their yachts reliveing the pressure from the captain and crew allowing them to focus on their primary roles while we fill in the administrative gaps.

  • One number to call
  • One email address to write to
  • Port Bookings & liaison
  • Bunkering arranged, 
  • Customs and agent liaison, 
  • Provisioning organised, 
  • Flights & transfers booked,
  • Schedule Planning
  • Inventory Management
  • Back Office administrative support 

“I cannot thank diYachting enough for their support this season, they acted promptly and efficiently allowing me to focus on the boat and guests while they managed the operations in the background. It was great to be able to send off multiple requests during a charter and know that when I arrived the port was booked, the agent was waiting and the parts I needed were in the marina office ready for me to collect.” Mark Worthington, Captain S/Y The Rock.


We firmly believe that a fully implemented system for proactive maintenance and management of a preventative technical programme is essential in maintaining your yacht to the highest standards ensuring maximum enjoyment and resale values. We will work closely with your Captain and engineer to keep all your maintenance records up to date and logged so a renewal or service is never missed. Our online job list collaboration package allows issues to be logged as they happen, keeping us on top of important jobs in real time, we can then share images and schematics instantly providing advice and assistance to keep the yacht moving and operating. Should professional intervention be required our technical support team can help arrange this via trusted 3rd party contractors or they will attend themselves to assess, advise and assist.

  • Online job list collaboration software/app
  • 24/7 telephone/text technical support 
  • Maintenance schedule produced
  • Shipyard liaison 
  • Project management 
  • New equipment advice & organisation
  • Refits budgeted and organised

Our experienced technicians are all ex Captains and Engineers so have seen it all when it comes to breakdowns and complicated installs so can talk you through almost any repairs or just be another person to bounce ideas and trouble shoot with.

“diYachting’s Technical support got me through the season, the technical team were always on hand to assist when I had an issue via phone or through the jobs list app. They even arranged someone to fly out to me with a vital part at short notice, who then helped me install it and got me up and running before the next charter.” Captain, CNB66, GiGI.