“diYachting don’t sell yachts but we do help people buy them” 

Buying your dream yacht can be a daunting task. There are so many options, different yachts from a vast array of manufacturers and ship-yards often at vastly differing prices. The question is “which one is best for me?”. The choice gets more complicated in the over 60 foot size bracket, not only are the options huge but the price tag is such that you really don’t want to make the wrong decision.

At diYachting we have a huge amount of knowledge when it comes to sailing yachts over 60 ft so we are the perfect people to offer advice and assistance when you are ready to make your purchase.

Whether you are looking for a new or pre cruised yacht, want to invest in a charter management programme or join a fractional ownership plan we have a solution for you.


“Use” [noun /yoos/ the act of using something, or a period of time when something is being used or can be used.]

Purchasers are looking to get more for their money, the days have gone where you would buy a yacht and leave it sitting in a marina for 48 weeks per year just waiting for your one or two holidays. Yachts need to be USED to maximise their value. Owners want returns on investment, reduced running costs, are looking at shared ownership or income from rental.

diYachting’s charter & shared ownership plans are specifically geared to luxury yachts over 60 ft that will be operated and chartered with a full time crew.

There are many schemes around for purchasing yachts into bareboat company’s ownership plans, they offer large returns and flexible use but are limited to smaller yachts that will be chartered without crew. The problem is you lose control of your asset, you don’t know how it’s being maintained or who’s skippering it. At the end of the contract you are given back a tired yacht that has been chartered for 200weeks plus with the depreciation that follows. You may as well have chartered!


S6 Marine is a sister company to diYachting specialising in the sale of Luxury Yachts & Equipment. Building on our teams vast experience in this sector, S6 Marine can help you purchase yachts from many presitgious manufacturers either to own privately, or to buy into a diYachting shared ownrship scheme or luxury crewed yacht charter programme.


In our Yacht Directory you will find a selection of yachts that we have identified as being “great” for inclusion in a diYachting Charter Management or shared ownership programme.

All are specifically suited to charter and provide great returns on investment.

Most of these yachts can be purchased direct through our sister yacht sales company S6 Marine Ltd although some are procured through a 3rd part dealer or agent and some yachts MUST be placed into one of our programmes for a minimum of 2 years. Contact us for details of which yachts this applies to.

If you have or are thinking of buying a yacht that is not on this list then contact us for assessment of its suitability.