We now offer charter ownership plans that are an evolution of our traditional Charter Management. We offer a range of luxury yachts over 60ft that you can purchase through us, we will equip it to the highest spec and place into charter management with a focus on income or owner use, yet always maintaining your yacht to the highest standards.

When you buy a yacht into a diYachting managed charter programme you can rest assured that she will be YOUR yacht, specified to YOUR standards, in YOUR colours, YOU get a say in who the crew are, where she will be based and most importantly when YOU will sail. You sail YOUR yacht as the owner not just another charter guest.

• VAT Exempt Yacht Purchase
• Guaranteed minimum number of Charter Bookings
• Professional maintenance & management
• High resale values


• ZERO 4 ZERO: Zero running costs guaranteed, zero owner use, you can use your boat but must pay a discounted charter fee and up to 4% return on investment (dependent on type & location of yacht)

• INCOME: Maximum charter and reduced owner use, best suited to investors seeking to minimise annual running costs and maximise income but still want some use of their yacht.

• USE: Fixed and guaranteed number of charter weeks with the rest of the season available for owner use with you still enjoying the benefits of our management services and the Tax/VAT advantages of charter ownership.

• FLEXIBLE: Charter management as you want it, adaptable in line with your needs from year to year.


• 50/50: is our purchase plan operating in Greece with a strictly limited number and type of yachts being accepted each year. You pay 50% of the purchase price up front then nothing to pay until the end of year 5 where you pay the remaining 50% of the purchase price and walk away with your yacht. Up to 30% tax rebate on your up-front investment available to UK tax payers.

• FINANCE: We can help help arrange finance for your yacht with reputable providers.